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Websites have become business assets you can’t afford not to optimize. It’s not only about having one—it’s vital to know if your website really works to your benefit.

It can be as simple as changing the cosmetics of the website to entirely changing the back end if you realize your audience wants more functionality. All will be revealed below.

WHAT IS WEBsite maintenance EXACTLY?

When you do any of the following, you’re performing maintenance to your website:

  • Making it look different

  • Editing content

  • Changing images

  • Adding features

  • Changing navigation options

  • Making it more efficient or faster

  • Fixing issues

This is therefore a very broad term for something you might do on a regular basis, a lot of businesses don’t do it as often as they should and it results in a stale website which can affect your SEO Optimisation.

However, once in a while it’s necessary to look at your pages very critically and consider a more intense web design strategy than usual. Maybe some cosmetic change might not be enough and you need to redesign the entire website. It sounds scary but we at Web Design by Anthony can make this simple for you!


Why is redesigning your website important?

The reality of owning a business this day and age, you need a high quality and optimised website to survive in the competitive market.


We can do it all for you!

At Web Design by Anthony, we don’t only design websites, we can make changes to clients websites as well!

We can take care of all your website maintenance needs for a small cost and provide a high quality service.

Talk to us today about your website maintenance needs.


old to new:

We recently were involved with Adelaide based company, Complete Marble and Granite, to help them with redesigning their website as it wasn’t very responsive, mobile friendly and modern.

We have provided them with a massive revamp of their site including a whole new design on Squarespace which will allow them to manage their content themselves.